The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Beside my website and articles I write on I like to write sometimes about other things as well than “business related” about Healing and Herbs.

Healing and Herbs is a Journey for me as beside practicing Reiki Healing I also like to develop in Herbalism so I can combine these two in helping people in a Natural and Conscious way.

This more of a Personal Blog gives me the freedom to write more about Life, our World, our Society, my Experiences, Consciousness, Spirituality…..all things that have my deep interest and wich I can spread my Light on towards others to inspire.

I feel it’s important that you can speak your own Truth. And it doesn’t matter if other people resonate with what you think, feel, say and write. Most important is that you can express yourself for Who you Are, as a Person, as a Being, as a Soul.

For a long, long time I was holding my Self back in speaking my Truth and Shine as my True Self, as I always took on board what other people would think about it, or think about me. It took me several years to step over that boundary, which I obviously put on me myself.

People who feel a connection with you, resonate with what you say and write, will be grateful. People who don’t feel a connection with you, or resonate with what you say and write, will turn towards another direction and things that Do resonate with them. That is the whole purpose of being your True Self and speaking your own Truth.

If you are reading this first post, than I am very Grateful for your time and interest in reading this and hopefully I can enjoy you with more of my writing. You can follow my blog so that you will be updated by email when I have posted a new article.

For now I like to say, thank you for joining me and being part of my Journey! I love interaction with people, so if you like to comment on a post or share your own experience and truth, feel free to leave your comments below every article that resonates with you.

Enjoy the rest of your day, keep smiling and keep sharing your Love and Light!

Angelique ღ