Hi, nice to meet you! 

 “As I feel it’s important for you to know who I am and what made me decide to become a Holistic Therapist and Life Coach, I like to tell a little bit about myself. It’s also very important if you look for a Life Coach that you feel a certain connection as there needs to be trust and a feeling of comfort”.
Helping people is my Passion. Through all the years of employment and self employment I’ve always been helping people next to that. Most of the time without often realising how much it meant for people when they had an informal chat with me. Over the years I started to realise it more and became aware of the fact that I really felt within myself that I “needed” to do something with it.
I did not always had an easy Life myself, but I was always a fighter, and I still am. If I really wanted something I tried to find ways to get it or achieve it, and never gave up. For a long time I was someone as well who found it really important what other people thought about me or I asked for approval. Till a certain point that I realised it was Not needed at all to ask approval of other people for the things I wanted to do. From then I made decisions on my own, without asking others what they thought about my ideas, I just did it. Even some people disagreed at some point, while later on they had to admit I actually did very well and they seemed even proud of me 😉
And because I know How hard it can be to follow your own ideas and dreams while people around you try to talk you out of it, it became my Passion to help others who want to do the same as I did….changing my Life in the Life how I want it, with My own ideas and My own choices.
What makes me Unique as a Life Coach? I Coach people from my Heart, I genuinely want to Help You making Positive changes in your Life. I want to Help creating Happiness again in every area of your Life, I want to Help You to have a Purpose in Life again and that you get up in the morning with a smile on your face and feeling the confidence that it’s gonna be a Fantastic Day again!
What’s important for me in coaching people is this……
“There are a lot of ‘standards’ within Coaching, but You are Unique as yourself, your Situation is Unique, your Life is Unique and your Dreams and Goals are Unique, so You need support in a Customised and Unique way to get the Best Results”.
If you like to Connect with me, feel free to fill in the form on the Contact page to ask any questions or for more information about Coaching and Holistic Therapy or even apply for a FREE 30 minutes Coaching Session through the Service page.
To say Thanks for visiting my website and reading a part of my story,  I like to give you a Free Personal Numerology Report


Looking forward to Connect with you!



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