A Better World starts with Compassion

Where is the Love? Where is the Compassion for each other? I had an interesting conversation with one of my Clients the other day.... She is in an advanced state of Pregnancy and needed to take the train home from work. After working hours you can imagine how busy it is on the trains and … Continue reading A Better World starts with Compassion


Ascension Shift with Message 555

"It's another time of Change, Ascension, New Opportunities and Challenges...just Go with the Flow"     Angelique ღ From today, 25th December 2016 till 4th January 2017 there is another big Energy Shift taking place. It's another Ascension which will raise Consciousness to the next level. As I don't believe in "coincidences" but rather speak from … Continue reading Ascension Shift with Message 555

Half a Million Elderly people spend Christmas Alone…..

"It's good to stand still for a moment....and think about All the people who spend Christmas alone, like also a Lot of Elderly people" On this Christmas Jumper Day, I like to raise Awareness for the Elderly and I hope I can reach out to you for doing the same.... Angelique ღ  

Nature that lifts your Spirit!

" I have seen a lot of stunning Nature, especially when I lived in New Zealand for a while, but I have to say, the Yorkshire Dales in the UK is definitely Gods land"    I heard it before, people of Yorkshire call this area Gods Land. And I totally understand as it Is stunning. … Continue reading Nature that lifts your Spirit!