Is True Happiness not enough anymore?

"Sometimes when I go over my Social Media channels and look at several posts, then it makes me wonder what people find Really important in Life these days" Sometimes I'm a bit shocked what I see on Social Media, how people respond on posts about Succes, Get Rich Programmes and Earn a 7-figure Income by … Continue reading Is True Happiness not enough anymore?


Christmas Spirit is coming!

"Christmas is coming....the Christmas Spirit starts to grow"   And wow, how quickly is this year gone by so's funny as when I talk to other people, most of them feel the same way. The months just have been flying by as it was only a matter of days or weeks. I do like … Continue reading Christmas Spirit is coming!

Letter of Gratitude

"When you show Gratitude, every day, you'll receive more to be Grateful of" I Do believe in the Magic of Gratitude, in the Law of Attraction, setting out Intentions, sharing Positive Energy towards more than once I experienced the Magic of it resulting in things to happen you just can't think of before they … Continue reading Letter of Gratitude

10 Days of Thanks to show your Gratitude

Join me in 10 Days of Thanks, to show your Gratitude! Experience the Change after these 2 days! Write down, every day for 10 days, what you are Grateful for. Make sure you right it down with intense feeling of Gratitude. This can be in a Journal or shared on Social Media, it doesn't matter … Continue reading 10 Days of Thanks to show your Gratitude

1100 Likes on FB

 Today I reached 1100 Likes on my FB Page Spirituition! I like to thank you All for your Support and Connection through all this time! I Am very Grateful to be Connected to you All on my Journey of Enlightenment and Spirituality. Namasté, Angelique ღ