World Hunger Day, 28th May 2017

Today it's World Hunger Day, 28th May 2017. Please visit the website, watch the video, contribute and share. Thank you!  Angelique ღ


Happy Valentine’s Day!

"Love should be there always and everywhere, day in day out, to give and to receive. Though Valentine's Day is that particular day to make it Just that little bit more Special"  Angelique Mol ღ

Help us bring to Life – YOUR ‘University of Life’ AHA!"...real people...real life ...real challenges... real HEROES!" We are all brave explorers on our journeys through life. Sometimes we can feel a little stuck and alone and in need of a trusted, helping hand or some valuable advice from someone we know empathises and understands.  Know that you are NEVER alone.There is a growing number of awakening heroes … Continue reading Help us bring to Life – YOUR ‘University of Life’ AHA!