The Path of Awakening

Awakening is a process. A process that starts with realizing, discovering, curiosity and wondering about things. Slowly the veil is lifted from your eyes and you start to see things which makes you even more curious, you want to know more. But above all you want to find and know the truth, so you start searching…..

Often it starts with realizing the World is not anymore how it was or how it looked like. You start to figure out that there is no truth any longer in Politics, in Wars, in the Media… You start to realise the Truth is kept hidden and covered up. And you have a thrive in you who wants to find out, what Is the real Truth?

As your curiosity grows and you start to explore you will meet new people, these days mostly through internet as much is shared here about everything. Meeting people who are already awaken and are able to tell or explain to you more is not a coincidence, it’s a part of your Awakening. And you will notice that you will meet even more like minded people over time from which you gain slowly more and more information and more and more becomes clear.

You start to get answers and the thrive to know more keeps growing.Once the process starts you also get things under your attention, by “coincidence”. You start to read articles, books, join in communities and even more you start to notice this World is not the Reality as it seemed. You start to open up and become receptive to more clarity. Have you already discovered things about the 911 event, or ever read about GMO’s? Maybe you already heard about false flag events or about Mind Controlling? You probably also heard about the Illuminati and how the whole music industry is infected, or who the ‘big people’ are on top of the Pyramid?If you did you can say you are Awake or you started to Awaken.

The next shift within Awakening is that you start to wonder why you are here or what your purpose is in this World of Reality which seems not so real. You start to realize we are controlled by darker forces and energies and we Need to do something for the Peace on Earth. You start to feel more connected to Nature and Animals, you feel more compassion towards Humanity and you see no difference anymore between colour and race, you feel you don’t want to be controlled any longer and start to stay away from what the Media is trying to tell you. A lot of people who are Awaken even don’t watch the News anymore or read newspapers any longer, as they know the Media only shows you what ‘they’ want us to know.

You also will meet more like minded people, spiritual people, who like to help you to get clarity and understanding about the real Truth, our existence and what we can do to make a change.You start to connect more with Your Self, new interests come into your life, for example meditation, yoga, crystals, pendulums, angel cards, but also the urge to eat more healthy and exercise.

The interest in Spirituality and Personal Development grows stronger, even Astrology becomes more interesting as well as things like Fibonacci and Numerology.Often people start to see Repetitive numbers like 11:11 is most of the time one of the first numbers people see. Once you start to pick these up and become aware of it you will start to see even more repetitive numbers. Those are not coincidences, you can see these as signs, you can look up what they mean and you will find out they resonate with you and the moment of time you are at.

The more Awaken you become, the more important it becomes to connect with your Higher Self. And in this way also the road to your Life Purpose, why are you here? You discover and start to trust on things not being a coincidence anymore but know it is meant to be that way. It is part of your Journey, your lessons, to finally find Your Self, your True You. Also to find Inner Peace and don’t live any longer in Fear or with Worries but from out of Love as you start to Trust on the Universe and the Connection with our Higher Self, your Intuition.

All along our Journey we keep learning, growing and developing. We even come at a stage that we can help and teach others who are just about to Awake and that is what we are supposed to do. Helping each other forward so we All can create a better World and create a Reality like should be.

You might even have heard about shifting towards the Golden Age. We are in the process of that right now and that’s why it’s time for us to Awake, help others become Awaken so we can raise in Consciousness and lift the Vibration Energies so the darker Energies become more and more Powerless.

Has the Veil started to fall from your eyes? Keep moving forward as Now your Journey has really begun. Explore with full confidence and Open Up to the Magic that will appear on you, Coincidence will no longer exist and is replaced by Synchronisity, Love and Inner Peace for Your Self, Nature, Animals and Humanity will grow to your main priority.

Angelique ღ

* Connect with me on my website and on my FB Page http://www.facebook.comAngeliqueMolCoaching

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