Healing Energies at the Land of Avalon

Glastonbury, Avalon, starts to feel like a second home now, with being here every 2 or 3 months lately. I know a few lovely people here already and it’s always great to meet up and spend some time with them.

My daughter and I met up with a good friend, after arriving in Glastonbury around the afternoon, and we decided to go for a walk towards the Tor. As I felt still a bit full of cold and didn’t seem to have too much energy I was not entirely sure if I would want to go up the Tor today or leave it till tomorrow. At some point my daughter mentioned as well to leave it till tomorrow having just arrived here after about a 6 hour travelling journey.

We started walking up towards the foot of the Tor, where the Apple Orchard is. On our way our friend told us about the May Pole event they have every year at a certain spot, which you pass across walking towards the Tor. Arriving at the Apple Orchard we enjoyed the amazing view you can see from there. Our friend, a great musician, started playing a bit on his Mandolin which made the moment in the surroundings even more lovely and magical.

He then decided to walk up to the Tor so he could play a bit Mandolin up there as well. If you’ve even been on the Tor in Glastonbury, Avalon, you know it’s a special place, with great energies! My daughter and I were doubtful before, but then she asked me how I was feeling at that point. The amazing thing is that I actually felt better already than since we started our walk.

We then decided to go up as well and so we started our walk and steps up the Tor. If you have been there before you know how steep the walk is up there. The most incredible thing that happened to me was that the more I was walking up, the better I was feeling within myself. The blocked headache from before was totally gone, my blocked nose felt more clear and I got more and more energy and by the time we arrived at the top of the Tor, I felt amazing!

Surrounded by Nature, the Energies of the Land of Avalon made me feel so great within the time span of say 2 hours. I felt so grateful that we decided to go up the Tor anyway as otherwise I would have not felt this same amazing feeling and experience.

Sometimes when you don’t feel good within yourself, because you have a cold or flu, you intend to stay in, warm and cosy, hibernating. But actually the fresh air, nature, great healing surroundings can make such a difference when it comes to healing yourself, it’s still a way of self care.

Also, instead of looking for just comfort and choosing the “easy” way out, and actually taking action what takes you out of your comfort zone, it then creates a day that you could not have imagined before!

As my day ended in total satisfaction and feeling better than when my day started!

Angelique ღ

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