How to deal with the 3 main phases in our life

We learned a lot from our Past, from the people who were part of our Journey at that time, from the different situations and challenges we experienced, but then there comes a time that we need to Let Go of our Past, to be able to move on without any restrictions or attachments in our Present and our upcoming Future. As when we cling on our Past we block ourselves and our energy from creating new and positive things in our Present.

The Present is where we are currently, the Here and Now. And that’s all we have, we should not feeling resentful or disappointed about our Past as we can’t change things anymore. What is done, is done. We can only accept the things we did, the people we let into our lives, the choices we made and then just learn from it and move on. We also should not worry about the Future, we can’t control completely what will happen in our Future as so many things can change before then, even before tomorrow. And again worrying blocks the energy flow from creating as we focus on the worries and not on what we like to manifest. It’s learning to Trust that what we send out will come to us, and it will. The Present is Now, this very moment, today, and we should be Grateful for it, as every day it’s a new day for opportunities and to create changes for ourselves.

The Future, even though we can’t completely control it, we can set out Intentions how we like our Future to be, the things we want to do, the people we want to share it with, and Who we want to Be. Intentions help you to shape your Future, it’s where you focus on and send your energy towards to. As you might already know, Energy flows where Intention goes. And this works in both ways, whether you use Positive energies or Negative energies. What you send out will come back to you, what you wish for somebody else will affect you and your life as well, how you treat other people is how you will be treated too.

Even though some things might not “meant to be” for you, the Universe will guide you along the way, and show you towards the right direction for you, you can still work with the Universe through your Intentions to create the best for yourself. Just pay attention to your Inner Feelings and Urges, your Thoughts and Ideas.

Keep your Thoughts, Words, Actions and Intentions Positive and see how your Life beautifully and smoothly transforms and unfolds for you. The Universe supports you always, but it’s on you to send out the right message.

Angelique ღ

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