Global Spirituality for Humanity

Personal Development and Spirituality can definitely make a difference in our society.

When people develop their own Spirituality there changes something in their Perspective. When someone’s perspective changes their attitude changes. Everything is connected, as you probably already know.

In today’s Society there is definitely a lack of Respect, Compassion and Support for each other. It doesn’t happen that much anymore that people get up in the bus for an Elderly person to offer their seat, or in a packed train offer a heavily pregnant lady a seat. I have this shared with me from different people and it’s a sad thing actually as it should not happen. It’s such a small effort of Kindness to help and support each other, especially when it comes to people with a special need.

There is too much focus on Perfection, Outer Appearance, Social Media and things that are not Really important in Life, but we “think” that it is important as we see it everywhere around us. People copy, people always did and always will. But somehow people seem to copy what the majority of people is doing and not anymore trying to be Different, to be Unique.

LAS VEGAS, NV – MAY 17: TV personality Kylie Jenner poses for a selfie on the red carpet during the 2015 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 17, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Michael Buckner/BMA2015/Getty Images for dcp)

When people develop their Inner Spirituality, their Perspective change, their Attitude change and their Consciousness change. And that is something we really Need in this moment of time. We need to Realize more that it’s not about “how you look” or “how successful you are”, or “how you are better than anybody else”. What will that add on to your Life?

The world is full of Influencers at the moment. But what do they “Influence”? How much money to make, or how to become successful, or how to become an influencer yourself. Do we Really need more Influencers? In a way we do yes, but we need more Influencers who influence people to create a Better Perspective, how to become a Better Version of Your Self and towards Others. How to be Aware of other People and how you can be of any Help. How to Support other people and to show Respect and Compassion. That’s the Influencers we need!

A lot of people still think about Spirituality as something “floaty”, or a kind of “religion”, or even a “cult”. But if you don’t know it yet, we All have Spirituality in us but still a lot of people are not Aware of it, or have suppressed it. Spirituality is a way of Living, it has to do with Respect and Compassion, being Aware of your Surroundings, wanting to make a Change in the World and for Humanity, not just for your Self but most of all for your Children and the next Generation, so that they still have a Future to look out for.

Spirituality is growing among Humanity, you see it everywhere around you. And it’s a good thing, but we need to use Social Media more for the Good things, the Important things, to create Awareness for the important things. It is on the Adults to show the younger Generation what is important in Life and that has nothing to do with putting Selfies online every day and how many “likes” you get on a post or a picture. Thankfully there Are already young people out there who Do understand the Bigger Picture.

I do believe that Spirituality, Self Development and Awareness can create a better World, a better Society and a better Environment. It’s the “Ego” part that has to disappear and when people turn more “into” themselves and share this “outside” themselves as well, a Natural way of Compassion will occur and people will start Caring more about each other, about the World and about their Surroundings.

The Earth is a Beautiful place and it provides us with So much we need and can use, the Earth will live without us, even if we make a mess of it, the Earth will recover, but Humanity will not if we destroy everything we need and what’s important for us to survive.

What would you do in case of a Fall Out, what would you have left if you can’t use Social Media anymore for your daily Selfies? What will you have left for yourself at all?

It’s time to Wake Up, it’s time to use all the resources we have access to for the Greater Good, not for our own Personal “fame”. The World needs an immediate Change and it all starts within our Self, with our own Development, our own Perspective, and our own Personal Spirituality.

Be Good, Be Love, Be Light.


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