Tsunami Dream – Raise in Consciousness

“According to Carl Jung, a tsunami dream is very significant. It is one of those great “archetypal” dreams, meaning symbols which are universal across all cultures. A tsunami is supposed to be a symbol of some great spiritual change, the washing away of the old and the beginnings of new growth”.

This morning I woke up after another Visual Dream, a Tsunami Dream.

My very First Tsunami Dream I experienced when I was in New Zealand, in about 2010, where I had my big Spiritual Awakening, it was definitely a Shift in Consciousness. After this dream I spoke with someone at that time and he explained to me a Lot of People were having a similar dream, like a Global Subconcious Awareness that is “moving” people in Higher Consciousness.

In my First Tsunami Dream I was with my daughter, running away for the Waves who were “chasing” us. At one moment we couldn’t run anymore as the road we were running on was blocked, I turned around and say a city bus, on his side, being washed by the water towards us….this was the moment I realised we couldn’t do anything anymore and I needed to surrender, at that very moment, just in front of my feet, it All stopped….we were save and were able to run into the Hills.

In this part of the Dream it was clear that we are Protected and could feel Safe and have Trust.

In the Dream I woke up this morning from, I was seeing Waves coming All around me, from different areas and directions, but I was never touched or in danger, I even didn’t Feel in danger, I just needed to find my way through this. I was with some people who joined me now and then, but then I “lost” them again. Later I came at a spot, it was a kind of Beach scenery, where I saw a Big Wave coming from behind me, and realised (again) there was nothing I could do, and what I did was Spreading my arms and Surrender (with all the trust in me) I was washed by the wave, I held my breath for a bit as I was flushed in the water, but short after that I was on Top of the Wave, could breathe again, felt save and was able to look down from the top of the Wave (overview) and it Felt Amazing!

In this Dream it is made clear that a new Wave of Consciousness occurred and that it Feels Amazing when you are able to Open Up for it and have Trust. It’s about Releasing (washing away) Emotions which don’t belong to you anymore and Be Ready for New Growth to come.

There is a Wave of Consciousness flowing are around the World, lots of people start to Awaken and experience a Shift in Consciousness. There are Many people who experience Dreams like this which is a Great experience!

Please feel free to Share your Experiences with similar Dreams below this post. I am very interested to know if more people, around this same period of time, are experiencing this.

Never try to “fight” a Shift in Consciousness as it’s part of your Spiritual Growth, Let it Be and Let it Happen, Go with the Flow and you’ll be Ready to Grow and Experience even more!


Angelique Mol ॐ

Spirituition Life Coaching



3 thoughts on “Tsunami Dream – Raise in Consciousness

  1. Absolutely love this blog. I had a similar dream about a Tsunami. I even went to Facebook to see if anyone knew the significance in the meaning of the dream. One person did tell me it was associated with the waves of consciousness, or spiritual growth but I couldn’t find any information online about it. Thanks for sharing, Angelique. <3


    1. Hi Amber! Thank you for your response! This was my second Wave Dream, it’s awesome how it works with these kind of dreams, they are mostly really Vivid! You’re welcome, I’m happy you like the post and that it resonates with you as well ;-) ❤️


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