Angelique Mol

Angelique Mol is a Holistic Life Coach but also practice Shamanic Healing, Reiki Healing and Herbal Remedies for Healing and Herbs

It’s her Soul Purpose and Mission to help people. She is very motivated to help people find Inner Peace, Balance and Happiness in their lives through Holistic Life Coaching.

If you feel you want to Create a Better Life for yourself and want to feel more Happy, in Peace and in Balance with everything, releasing old attachments and energies so you can move forward instead of feeling stuck and lost, then book a FREE 1 Hour consultation with Angelique by clicking on the following link: Contact or connect on her Facebook Page.

Angelique also shares articles about Coaching, Mindfulness and other related subjects which you can read on the Blog Page. 

Angelique commented “ I like to keep the prices for my services and products reasonable, so that everything is available for people from all walks of Life”.